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Private Study Techniques
for GCSE students and above

Private study is perhaps the most important preoccupation of all students, since it is central to the learning process. In creating this guide, it was intended merely to provide a brief set of notes. However, on closer inspection, it became apparent that something more extensive was needed (isn't it always the way?). This isn't made any easier by the fact that most of the ideas concerning private study are intensely personal - it has to work for you - so please use the material as a guide, and feel free to modify the ideas within it. Consequently, what started as a simple helpful add-on became a fairly weighty tomb. It's been subdivided in an effort to make things a little more digestable. I hope you find it useful. As always, if you think there are other ideas that could be of use to other people, please don't hesitate to contact us - we'd be glad to hear from you!